Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hey guuuuys. I'm actually in class right now working on a poster for President Lynch's inauguration but i'm having some trouble with Photoshop. Imagine that! Photoshop pisses me off. ANYWAY, the teacher is out of the room now so I can't ask her what to do. I'll just wait for Tuesday or something. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do with it but I don't know if i'll actually execute it the way I want it to look. Because I tend to see what I want in my head, but it rarely turns out the way I want it to. Oh well. Maybe it'll be different this time.

So, I met with my designer again yesterday. I'm really excited to start doing this. It's really awesome to just wear clothes and just stand there. I could do this for a job! Haha. I would love to model. The only thing is, I just don't want to be forced to lose weight, so i'd pretty much just have to look for a modeling agency that doesn't care. Which might be hard to find, but I really don't wanna lose any weight. I want to gain weight. At least in certain spots.

That just brought me to my next dilemma. This may seem kinda cliche', but i'm having trouble deciding what I want to do in the fashion industry. Seems like everyone I know is second guessing themselves when it comes to what they want to do for the rest of their life. I'd love to work for a company, or retailer, but I just don't know exactly with what. I'd love to model also, though. Not really sure what God wants me to do here. Guess i'll just keep on keepin' on and see where that leads me.

I'm really looking forward to Halloween. I have an AWESOME costume in mind and i'm excited to actually look sexy for Halloween for a change. Hopefully at least. It's a Silk Spectre costume (if you don't know who that is, watch Watchmen) I know I don't look like her, and most definitely DON'T have the boobs for it, but I think it'll still look awesome. Just gotta find a wig that I can alter or something so I don't have to pay 20 dollars extra for the wig, because the costume is already pretty pricey. We're hoping to have a Halloween dance party for Invisible Children, so i'll for sure wear it there. Just hopefully I won't be the only one with a costume like that..

Anyway, I think i've figured out what I didn't know how to do on Photoshop. W00t! So i'm gonna go ahead and work on that because it's almost time to leave. I have so much crap to do. And it's all little stuff. I'll get it done though.


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