Saturday, September 26, 2009

and so it begins.

Uhmmm.. so things are starting to get crazy. I really hope I have time to update as much as I want..

With homework, projects, Invisible Children, worship team, youth group, work(well, more like never knowing when i'm gonna be called into work), and modeling comes stress I suppose. My family came into town this weekend, so things kinda had to freeze. I was gonna go on a float trip, but didn't get to go on that. Bummer. Oh well it's good seeing my family.

I had my first fitting with my designer on Thursday! Her name is Ashton and she's super sweet. When she called to ask if i'd model for her, she was like "now i'm designing cycling clothes, are you alright with spandex?" and i'm like.. "uhhh of course! I am a cyclist!" =) I thought that was an awesome coincedence. At least i'll get to model the clothes I love and am comfortable in. I was kinda hoping a designer would call me and ask if I wanted to model more fashionable, glamour clothing, but no one has yet so I don't think it's gonna happen. Which is perfectly fine, because I don't think I have time left in my schedule for much else..

Continuing with that.. my job situation. I told her i'm available for fittings on Mon/Wed/Fri from 1-3 but the problem is that I could be called into work at those times. Ashton said that we would really only be busy for the first 3 weeks or so, so i'm really hoping I don't get called into work much. I work Monday but we don't start more fittings til Wednesday so that's good. My next job(for sure)is on October 16th so i'm hoping she doesn't call me much in between then.

Fashion class is running my life.. I have so many projects in there PLUS a test on Monday which i've had no time to study for. That is NOT good. I can't keep going like this all semester. I'm really hoping things kinda start to slow down. I know i've said that before and they might not but i'm just hoping. That's all.

I'm super excited to get started wearing the cycling clothes Ashton is modeling on me. It's gonna be so much fun. Alright well it's early and about time I get ready for the day. My dad and I are gonna go on a bike ride this morning so that's good.. haven't really been able to ride it since i've been here because i've been so busy and didn't really have anyone to road ride with but i've found girls to start riding with so that's cool.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

Friday, September 18, 2009

project: runway.

Hey guys. Sorry this post might not be too long.. I have to be at class at 9 and I still have to pack my crap up. Things have been crazy lately. So many projects due, a quiz today that's technically more like a test, and today i'm going going going til about 5 tonight. So, pretty busy. I'm hoping next week won't be as bad.. minus me turning 21 =) won't have much time to do anything though, which is a bummer =(

Anyway, I tried out for modeling group on Tuesday. It was sooo nerveracking.. I had a pretty good confidence going on the way in but when I saw what we had to do I was a little taken aback haha.. I just thought we had to walk down a runway and back and take our jacket off on the way back, but it was a looot more than that. We waited for about a half hour for everyone to get there, then about 190 of us lined up in the hallway. Some of the girls were trying waaaay too hard. One girl had on such big pumps I thought she would have fallen, but apparently she's a dancer (stripper) sooooo she did fine.

I was number 50 and when my turn came I was super nervous. I kept telling myself to keep looking up and to not walk too fast, because walking slow is how they see you best. So when I got up there, I posed and smiled (which I was nervous about, because I didn't wanna look cheesy).. and walked down the runway. I had to stop at the end to pose, so I did a little turn, walked to my left, posed, walked to my right, posed, then walked back and took my jacket off at the same time. I didn't do too bad I don't think. Of course i'll never really know because i'll never see it haha but my friend Kasha went with me and told me I did well so hopefully I didn't look like too much of a nerd.

I must have done alright though, because I made it. The thing is though, pretty much everyone made it. But a LOT of the girls have the right body size, so i'm sure it was hard to pick just a few. I'm really excited to start. Never thought i'd have the chance to do this is real life.. maybe i'll get discovered! lol.

Alright well I really need to go right now.. I have a "quiz".. in a few hours and I really need to look over it more. It's in my Survey of Fashion class, and we have to know designers and different fashions of different generations. It's crazy. Kiiiinda nervous. Talk later..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

In the beginning..

Well, I'm really not completely sure what I want to write in this first entry, because I tend to be very bad at things that I just start. I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I just wanted to warn you just in case. Also, even though this is a blog about my education in fashion, I'm just a beginner. I'm not completely freakin' up to date on happenings in the fashion world, but I'm really hoping to get there as I progress in my education.

Right now, things are just starting to slow down, but also speeding up at the same time. I have like, 3 projects due within 2 weeks and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. I know that some people have it worse, but everyone has their own levels of frustration that they can deal with. I'm actually only in one actual fashion course this semester, but the other ones I'm taking are required for the major I'm in, which is called Fashion Communications. It's basically a Communications major but with Fashion as a focus. Right now i'm thinking Fashion Photography might be cool, but we'll see.

My fashion course is pretty much just a base course for every kind of fashion major. It teaches about the fashion industry, and eventually we'll be learning more about companies and designers. That's the part I'm REALLY looking forward to. That way I'll feel like I know a little more than I do now, haha.

Now that I think of it though, I do have another fashion course. It just doesn't start til October. It's a modeling class. Yes, modeling. I am interested. I'm trying out for the modeling group in about a week, which is basically a group of girls that gets chosen to model for the fashion shows here at school, for the designing majors to use for the clothes they design. Cool, huh? Anyway I'm really excited. Not sure if I'll make it, but it's definitely worth a shot. Who knows, maybe I'll decide to do that instead? That would be a blast. Getting to wear a bunch of pretty stuff. Buuuut we all know how it is out there.. you gotta look perfect. And I'll tell you what, I am NOT perfect by any means. It does make me feel good that most models are flat chested... yay for people to fit in with!!! =)

So yeah. That's basically all for now. I'll update more as the semester goes on, and hopefully there will be more in depth entries. Especially about the modeling group.

Now I just gotta wait for American Eagle to get back to me for my retailer project in my fashion class..