Sunday, October 18, 2009

just about time..

Sooooo.. my modeling class starts Thursday night. I'm super excited. Not so excited for the fact that it's not a 50 minute class.. considering that The Office will be on at 8, but maybe since it'll be the first class it'll be shorter. But, overall i'm really excited to learn more about modeling. I thought I sort of knew how to walk before the audition about a month ago, but once I got up there to try out I was a liiiiittle awkward. Hopefully this will also give me more confidence.

Speaking of modeling, i've been thinking really hard about it and i'm not so sure I would want to model for my main career. I was thinking about that for a while, because it would be amazing, but everytime I read something about how skinny models are, and how they eat close to nothing that is good for you, it's making me a little nervous. I just have a feeling I would get somewhere, and be told I need to either keep my weight, or lose some. So basicaly, i'm sort of 50/50. I would want to, because my upper body is a normal shape for most models and I would feel like I fit in somewhere where most of the other girls around me have the same shape, BUT on the otherhand, I just have a bad feeling about it. If I did modeling, I would probably just want to model on the side or for a part time job. Who knows, maybe when I get a job in the fashion world i'll get connections.

My fittings with my designer are going really pretty well. I was sort of sad I only got called by one designer, but now that things are starting to speed up I am really glad I only have one. If I had more than one, I think I would be stretched waaay to thin. About a week ago, my designer had realized she had accidentally the wrong fabric.. oops!! I felt so bad. She had worked so hard and did such a good job on what she was working on that she had to re-do it. The new one looks great tho and everything with that is going really well. Super excited for her to be finished so we can see the finished product

On a random note.. I really don't think anyone really reads these. Which, I don't read my friends' either, but I really don't have many friends that have one. Plus everyone's really busy so i'm not too hurt. =P

Hope everyone has a good week and i'll be sure to try and write about my first modeling class. <3

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