Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Update on Life

Hey all. Haven't updated in what feels like forever, so thought it needed to be done to update you on what's all been happening in my life.

Being Senior year, it's obvious that things would start to speed up, and they really have. It's not all bad, though. I just registered for next semester classes, which will be my second to last semester here at Stephens College. I can't believe I graduate next December. Feels like just yesterday I came here 3 semesters and a summer ago. Along with my busy schedule next semester, I am going to be interning at Mustard Seed! I am very excited for this opportunity. I will be the Product Knowledge Intern, which is basically a part of the Purchasing Intern. I will be attending meetings, blogging along with other social media, assisting the Visual Merchandiser with the Look Book and helping out wherever needed. I am really looking forward to this, because not only is it an internship but it's a non-profit. Everyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about non-profits so this is perfect for me. I'm hoping this internship will help me narrow down what I might want to do in the future job market. We'll see!

Along with that, I am currently creating my Capstone project. I am doing mine as an African Conflict Awareness campaign. I will be creating a booklet type magazine about the current situation in Uganda and the surrounding areas, as well as organizing an event to hold that I am SUPER excited about. I was nervous at first and it's still a lot of hard work, but it will be awesome in the end and I hope will make a difference.

It really does seem like Fall is leaving sooner than it should, but that just means the faster my wedding will come :) Planning has been going really well. We have all of the big things taken care of, now it's just the minor details that we need to set in stone. One thing that is an ongoing difficulty is the number of guests. Brandon wants a small wedding and I want a bigger wedding because I know so many people, so we're trying to find a happy medium so we're doing things a little different. I'm constantly worried, though, because I don't want to leave anyone out because I love everyone I know :( It'll all work out though. I always tell myself it will work out and that it is in God's hands.

God bless and keep on keepin' on, Seniors!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

back on track. hopefully.

Well hello there! It's been a while. I've been failling miserably at this updating thing. Anyway..

So, my Senior year is finally here. Kind of. I have this year, then next Fall to go before I officially graduate. It's been coming so fast and I can hardly believe it's almost over. This year is going to be the longest college year of my life, however. This semester is going to be a breeze though, compared to next semester. Next semester I will be in hardcore classes, including Fashion Show Production, which will not let me model, therefore i'm done with modeling here at Stephens. I'm super bummed about it, but hopefully something else modeling wise comes up in the near future. I also might, hopefully, have an internship next semester also, so my life will be suuuuper busy. But that's okay if that happens, because the internship sounds like it fits me perfectly, plus I don't want to have to worry about hurrying to my internship from my honeymoon.

So I just threw 2 things out there that you might not have known. First i'll start with my engagement :) So, Brandon and I went to Chicago the last weekend of May, and we hung out with a friend that lives there. Well, the first day we were there, just Brandon and I went to a Cubs game. We were walking along out front, when he stopped me underneath the marquee. He asked for my camera and I didn't think anything of it when he handed it to a stranger. He walked back towards me and I put my arm out, expecting him to put his arm around me too but instead he got down on one knee and proposed!! I was sooooo excited that I cried. We're getting married on May 21st, 2011. Here's a picture of it! I love him so much and am so excited to spend the rest of my life with him.

Okay nowww about the internship. It's at a place called Mustard Seed Fair Trade, and it's here in Downtown Columbia, Missouri. It's a Product Knowledge internship which works closely with visual merchandising, which is basically what I wanna do right now. I'm going to have an interview here in the next week or so, so i'll get more into that later.

Alright now that i've rambled, it's time to stop for tonight. Hopefully i'll keep this up!

Monday, March 22, 2010

andddd we're back.

I've decided that I am going to update a lot more, so just forget the previous entry. I'm starting to feel like I'm not doing enough to network and become more professional to future employers. It might be because I'm not for sure about what I want to do, still. I'm starting to doubt my future a little bit.. but who doesn't?

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a fashion show here at school. It was put on by the Fashion Show Production class, and it was called Free Style. It was my first modeling experience, and I loved it. I modeled three different garments; swimwear, career wear, and wool tailoring. I was originally going to be wearing one garment, the swimwear piece, but then I was put into two other garments. I was worried about the quick changes, but really they worked out perfectly fine. I was nervous about being out in front, because I've always been shy in the spotlight, even with singing, despite the fact that that was the only time ever I felt the most comfortable in front of people.

Also, I had talked before about being someone's fit model for a junior garment for the big time fashion show in April. I was a fit model for a cycling outfit. Anyway, I went to jury the other day, and the garment I wear got through! So that means I'm in the BIG show. I'm super excited. I'm kind of glad I'm only in one garment for this show, because it's a big deal and I'd rather soak it all in instead of being completely busy.

Jury was an interesting experience, too. There were a panel of judges, and they were from all different aspects of the fashion industry. Qristyl Frazier, a fashion designer that was on Project Runway, who also graduated from Stephens, was a judge. I thought that was so cool. It was an interesting experience. Each model went out on stage, turned around, walked up and down the stage, while the judges judged the garment.

Here are some developments in some interests I've gathered lately, pertaining to future careers. I've been reading some articles about actors, and other famous people putting on fashion shows that are really benefit fashion shows. I don't really know if I want to produce a fashion show, but working for benefit shows would be so awesome. It's mixing benefits/organizations, and fashion, and both are close to my heart.
So that's pretty much my update for right now. Peace.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So Long..

Well, i'm saying so long to this blog. At least for now. I'm in a Fashion Comm. class right now and we had to create a blog, so i'll be posting a lot about my fashion knowledge on there i'm guessing. So for right now for a while, this blog of mine will not be updated until further notice.

Just an update though, I feel like I am starting to be where I was before, in the "not sure what I wanna do" part of my life. I know I wanna stick with Fashion, but i'm starting to worry about which part. I'm losing interest in Photography and looking more towards Visual things like styling and visual merchandising, but we'll see.

Anyway, I hope everyone's semester is going to go well. I'll probably update about the fashion show in April just to let you know how it goes. Talk then.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Break.. no school. Thank God.

Hey everyone who doesn't read my blog.. ever. It has been forever and a day since I last updated. I apologize. I'm watching Band of Brothers and just finished pre-screening some books for Invisible Children at Mizzou. We're doing really well with points. I figured since I wasn't doing much anyway, thought i'd update. Finals time has been so busy. I don't think I had ever been that busy around finals time. Guess that comes with actually going to legit college. I heard though that Stephens is really rough anyway, which makes me feel GREAT.. because I tend to die a little inside when put under pressure.

Overall, I think this semester went alright. There were some things about my non-fashion classes that I didn't like, but you'll have that. I pretty much know my grades, except for my Econ and Media&Culture grades. My teacher isn't posting or letting any of us know, and of course those classes are the ones i'm most worried about. I need to stop thinking about it, because i'm kinda making myself sick with worry over it. My fashion class was awesome though. Everyday in class was pretty much a constant conversation about the fashion industry, and shopping. It was awesome. My teacher was fabulous too. Her name is Courtney and she knows a lot about fashion. She's also really nice so that was a plus.

Next semester I have a couple more fashion classes. I can't remember exactly what they are but i'm excited. I also have an internship class, so hopefully that'll make me feel better about applying for internships next summer. Even though i'm looking forward to some classes, i'm not so excited about the fact that Monday-Thursday, I have a night class starting at 6. It's gonna suck, but it could be worse. I could have a night class on Friday. Plus, since I have so many late classes, I can sleep in. Doesn't give me much opportunity to work though. That sucks because I don't have money. I'm hoping i'll get money for Christmas or something.

I feel like my modeling class went really well, and I learned a lot from it. I can now successfully walk in heels without feeling bad about myself, and I have gained a better since of posture. I really enjoyed it though. I wasn't a fan of knowing I was being judged, but if I do actually get into modeling in the future it'll be constant judging. I feel like i'm starting to accept the fact that i'm me and there's nothing I or anyone can do to change that, so i'm going to need to start taking things with a grain of salt. Some of the girls are bitches though. You can tell. I'm NOT a fan of that.

I'm just so glad it's Christmas Break. It's nice to not have homework to do. I probably won't update again, since I don't really have any school work or fashion stuff to write about. Who knows though. If i'm bored, I just might. It'd be nice to know if anyone reads this. I'll probably still update for the future, but for now it'd just be nice. That's all. Hope everyone has a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

long time no talk.

Well hello there, everyone. Sorry it's been forever. I've been so freakin' busy with homework and papers and my social life. Sooo many things going on and sooo much to do! So little time.

I'm in the library right now and just got done with some things I needed to get done on my own and in the quiet, so just thought i'd update ya'll on what's going on lately. Besides school consuming my life, things are good. The only thing i'm having a bit of trouble with is trying to decide what it is I actually wanna do with my life. I have to do a project in my Survey of Fashion class about a career i'd like to learn more about, so I chose Fashion Photography, because I am somewhat interested in that and I think I might like to do that for my career. So, I chose it to learn more about it. We'll see how that goes.

I'm also kinda freaking out about my internship next summer. This summer is going to be dedicated to working and getting money and looking around for internships, that's for sure. I thought about doing an intership this summer, but I am NOT ready. Not at all. I'd like to get more classes under my belt before that. I know that means that I won't have my internship til after I graduate, but I think all in all that's better for me in the long run. That's just my opinion. I know what's good for myself, (most of the time), and I really think this is it. There is a photographer back home that I know, I might even ask her if I can job shadow her, even if it's unpaid, just so I can get a general photography background. Maybe that'll help me learn more skills.

Modeling class is going pretty well. I'm learning how to stand and walk while standing.. if that makes any sense.. it's hard! I think i've got most of it down, but i'm having trouble moving my arms and just relaxing, because I feel like i'm super stiff. It'll get better. We're starting to learn different turns now, so that'll be interesting.. I would really like to do modeling though in the future. Even if it just means part-time. It probably wouldn't be that great after I get pregnant haha.. unless it's for a magazine or something. Who knows. I just really enjoy myself when i'm in class and I think that I could contribute myself to the modeling business.

I still don't feel very fashionable for a fashion major, and to tell you the truth it doesn't give me much confidence. I don't even know a lot about designers compared to some of these girls, so it sucks. I have been making progress though, so I know i'm learning things which is good. I just need to suck it up, because I know this is what I wanna do. There's nothing out there that I want to do more than be in fashion.

Alright time to go to my next class soon and get out of this darn library. I'll be back though, probably later this week or something.. because I have ANOTHER paper due soon in one class that I HATE.. which is Econ. It's on the LRA, but it still sucks. Especially since it has to be 10 pages long.. BOOOO.

K bye.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

getting into the swing of things.

Hello. I meant to update after my first modeling class but got too busy. School has been kicking my booty and I know it's not going to end. The class went really well I thought. It was a little awkward at first because I had to walk in front of everyone, but it'll get easier as we go along. This is mean, but it actually makes me feel better to walk in front of everyone if I see someone else not doing so well. It's sad, but that boosts my confidence. So mean.

I learned how to stand up straight like a model; standing up straight while rolling my hips in and my shoulders back and down. It's gonna take a little time to get used to, but i'll get it. It's already feeling pretty good because I've been trying to practice while just walking around or standing. I'm so excited to keep going.

So I'm starting to think that I might want to do my internship at GUESS, but that's not a for sure decision because I have about a year and a half to think about it. But, it's paid, and it's in LA which would be fabulous. It doesn't help with living expenses but if it's paid then that'll be alright. We'll see what happens.

I really don't know what else really to put, because my mind is kinda blah right now. Homework and school has been consuming all of my energy and my brain is fried. Luckily i've got a 3 day weekend. That'll be fabulous. Especially since Halloween is Saturday and I get to wear my costuuuume! I better look good. The wig isn't too great but you can't really be Silk Spectre without it unless you already have long brunette hair, which I don't.

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!