Monday, March 22, 2010

andddd we're back.

I've decided that I am going to update a lot more, so just forget the previous entry. I'm starting to feel like I'm not doing enough to network and become more professional to future employers. It might be because I'm not for sure about what I want to do, still. I'm starting to doubt my future a little bit.. but who doesn't?

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a fashion show here at school. It was put on by the Fashion Show Production class, and it was called Free Style. It was my first modeling experience, and I loved it. I modeled three different garments; swimwear, career wear, and wool tailoring. I was originally going to be wearing one garment, the swimwear piece, but then I was put into two other garments. I was worried about the quick changes, but really they worked out perfectly fine. I was nervous about being out in front, because I've always been shy in the spotlight, even with singing, despite the fact that that was the only time ever I felt the most comfortable in front of people.

Also, I had talked before about being someone's fit model for a junior garment for the big time fashion show in April. I was a fit model for a cycling outfit. Anyway, I went to jury the other day, and the garment I wear got through! So that means I'm in the BIG show. I'm super excited. I'm kind of glad I'm only in one garment for this show, because it's a big deal and I'd rather soak it all in instead of being completely busy.

Jury was an interesting experience, too. There were a panel of judges, and they were from all different aspects of the fashion industry. Qristyl Frazier, a fashion designer that was on Project Runway, who also graduated from Stephens, was a judge. I thought that was so cool. It was an interesting experience. Each model went out on stage, turned around, walked up and down the stage, while the judges judged the garment.

Here are some developments in some interests I've gathered lately, pertaining to future careers. I've been reading some articles about actors, and other famous people putting on fashion shows that are really benefit fashion shows. I don't really know if I want to produce a fashion show, but working for benefit shows would be so awesome. It's mixing benefits/organizations, and fashion, and both are close to my heart.
So that's pretty much my update for right now. Peace.

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