Tuesday, November 17, 2009

long time no talk.

Well hello there, everyone. Sorry it's been forever. I've been so freakin' busy with homework and papers and my social life. Sooo many things going on and sooo much to do! So little time.

I'm in the library right now and just got done with some things I needed to get done on my own and in the quiet, so just thought i'd update ya'll on what's going on lately. Besides school consuming my life, things are good. The only thing i'm having a bit of trouble with is trying to decide what it is I actually wanna do with my life. I have to do a project in my Survey of Fashion class about a career i'd like to learn more about, so I chose Fashion Photography, because I am somewhat interested in that and I think I might like to do that for my career. So, I chose it to learn more about it. We'll see how that goes.

I'm also kinda freaking out about my internship next summer. This summer is going to be dedicated to working and getting money and looking around for internships, that's for sure. I thought about doing an intership this summer, but I am NOT ready. Not at all. I'd like to get more classes under my belt before that. I know that means that I won't have my internship til after I graduate, but I think all in all that's better for me in the long run. That's just my opinion. I know what's good for myself, (most of the time), and I really think this is it. There is a photographer back home that I know, I might even ask her if I can job shadow her, even if it's unpaid, just so I can get a general photography background. Maybe that'll help me learn more skills.

Modeling class is going pretty well. I'm learning how to stand and walk while standing.. if that makes any sense.. it's hard! I think i've got most of it down, but i'm having trouble moving my arms and just relaxing, because I feel like i'm super stiff. It'll get better. We're starting to learn different turns now, so that'll be interesting.. I would really like to do modeling though in the future. Even if it just means part-time. It probably wouldn't be that great after I get pregnant haha.. unless it's for a magazine or something. Who knows. I just really enjoy myself when i'm in class and I think that I could contribute myself to the modeling business.

I still don't feel very fashionable for a fashion major, and to tell you the truth it doesn't give me much confidence. I don't even know a lot about designers compared to some of these girls, so it sucks. I have been making progress though, so I know i'm learning things which is good. I just need to suck it up, because I know this is what I wanna do. There's nothing out there that I want to do more than be in fashion.

Alright time to go to my next class soon and get out of this darn library. I'll be back though, probably later this week or something.. because I have ANOTHER paper due soon in one class that I HATE.. which is Econ. It's on the LRA, but it still sucks. Especially since it has to be 10 pages long.. BOOOO.

K bye.

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