Friday, September 18, 2009

project: runway.

Hey guys. Sorry this post might not be too long.. I have to be at class at 9 and I still have to pack my crap up. Things have been crazy lately. So many projects due, a quiz today that's technically more like a test, and today i'm going going going til about 5 tonight. So, pretty busy. I'm hoping next week won't be as bad.. minus me turning 21 =) won't have much time to do anything though, which is a bummer =(

Anyway, I tried out for modeling group on Tuesday. It was sooo nerveracking.. I had a pretty good confidence going on the way in but when I saw what we had to do I was a little taken aback haha.. I just thought we had to walk down a runway and back and take our jacket off on the way back, but it was a looot more than that. We waited for about a half hour for everyone to get there, then about 190 of us lined up in the hallway. Some of the girls were trying waaaay too hard. One girl had on such big pumps I thought she would have fallen, but apparently she's a dancer (stripper) sooooo she did fine.

I was number 50 and when my turn came I was super nervous. I kept telling myself to keep looking up and to not walk too fast, because walking slow is how they see you best. So when I got up there, I posed and smiled (which I was nervous about, because I didn't wanna look cheesy).. and walked down the runway. I had to stop at the end to pose, so I did a little turn, walked to my left, posed, walked to my right, posed, then walked back and took my jacket off at the same time. I didn't do too bad I don't think. Of course i'll never really know because i'll never see it haha but my friend Kasha went with me and told me I did well so hopefully I didn't look like too much of a nerd.

I must have done alright though, because I made it. The thing is though, pretty much everyone made it. But a LOT of the girls have the right body size, so i'm sure it was hard to pick just a few. I'm really excited to start. Never thought i'd have the chance to do this is real life.. maybe i'll get discovered! lol.

Alright well I really need to go right now.. I have a "quiz".. in a few hours and I really need to look over it more. It's in my Survey of Fashion class, and we have to know designers and different fashions of different generations. It's crazy. Kiiiinda nervous. Talk later..

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